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Petey's Penultimate Performance!

So, the good news is I got to meet Peter Davison again. ^_^
A friend and I went to the matinee tonight.
It was fantastic as always.
(Don't forget girls - tomorrow is his last performance!!)

So, after a fantastic show, (Row A, central seats, dress circle), me and my friend hung around by the stage door.
You know, just in case?
I wasn't very hopeful, seeing as they had the next performance in an hour.
BUT - I managed to meet, not only one of the Ensemble knights, but alsoe Nina Soderquist, the new Lady.
Who is awesome, I have to say. I was rather biased when I went in there, having heard Marin Mazzie first, but meh.
She swayed me, (they changed some of her lyrics, too). She was awesome.
But, even better, I got to meet Patsy!!
And he was so nice - Stood outside in the freezing cold, chatting to us.
We eventually asked if there was any chance of meeting anyone else, but he said no, since they were about to get their half hour call.
But he DID say to us to go sit in the pub down the road, (even directed us to a cheap one), and to come back shortly before 10:40, when the next show ends. ^_^
So we did.

And we got to meet Petey, as well as all the main knights, and Prince Herbert. ^_^
Amidst others!
And Patsy, again, who remembered us, and was surprised we'd actually done it!

But when Petey came out, I got him to sign my program, and had a picture took.
But....the flash didn't go off...Will explain that in a moment.
Here's the piccie, after a bit of tinkering with light levels.

He had his arm round me........ *melts*

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So....my camera....


After going the first time, and getting caught right after the fisch schlapping song with her camera, Hurricane Ally, (that's me, btw), had this bright idea....
She was certain that it was the light from the preview screen that gave her away, as she was pretty secretive, and there was really no other way.
So........What does Ally do?
She took her more-than-£350 top of the range, 8 Megapixel, 10x Optical zoom, brand new camera........and painted over it's screen.

Yup, thats right. Sat in Walkabout, right before the showing, with her Medium rare Kangaroo steak, painting the screen of her camera with a mix of PVA glue, and black Citadel/Warhammer acrylic paint.

And then she turned the flash off.


Well.....it worked.....just one problem.

I couldn't see where the lens was pointing, could I?
So I have 4 videos of Terry Gilliams lovely clouds.
Plus some photo's....

And I forgot to turn the flash back on before handing my camera over to some random guy to take a piccie....
Bah!! At least I have 2 pics with him now...
Well.....4, really, cos 3 were taken the first time I met him...

If anyone is interested, I'll post them, but they're only really good for audio.
(And judging the new Lady).

But...should anyone else want to try it, it DOES work - just make sure you have a decent view!!

Edit: Also - I grabbed a handful of flyers, with Petey pics in them, should anyone want one?
I figured I'd grab them, as they'll be replacing them soon.
I have one reserved for Phe, as I said I would, but I have 4 spare.
If anyone would like one, let me know - It would be first come first served, (only 4!!), and you would have to email me a postal address. :)
(International posting not an issue!)


Sorry - All flyers have now been claimed!!

*squees in delight*

Ok - I got to meet him again!!!!
Thats twice in less than a week. ^_^
Course.....My mind went completely blank, and I forgot I had a camera.
*bangs head on desk*
I keep doing that....
Still, I got him to sign my ticket and a poster, which I am going to get framed.

But anyways...

Spamalot is absolutely amazing!!!
Had me in fits.
But mainly because of Peter Davison.
I suspect that, if anyone else had been playing the part, I wouldn't have found the jokes half as funny.
He really comes into his own on the stage.
I especially like the way he had his 'horse' using the coconut halves for him when he was supposed to be tap dancing on the table.
Or the lifting up of his robes like a nancy boy, and dancing in a very camp way.
And when he wasn't in the scene, just standing at the edge of the stage, and every so often he'd really get into it, and you'd see him doing a really cute hip swish, or funky moves with his fingers.
And hearing him saying 'Who-da king?' was just classic. ^_^
Not to mention the scat part, and the "Go for a drink and a pee, we'll be back for act 3"....*grins inanely*

I would kill to see it just one more time, but I know damned well I can't afford to.
(Even though on Fridays at 5:15 pm, it's only £20 if you're aged 20 - 26, should you need any more motivation to go!)

Still, I've had a good week - 2 meetings, and 3 signatures.

And when I asked him to sign my ticket, he definately did a double take.
Whether that was because he recognised me or not remains to be seen.

Anyways - It's definately put a new doodle idea into my head.
Who knows, if I pull it off well enough, I may even give it to him next time I meet him.
And I will meet him again, because I want to get him to sign the photo of me and him.
I have the same policy for all the stars I meet. Course, that's if I remember I should be taking a photo in the first place!!!
Anyways....I'm in no rush.....Just wait for his next signing or con apearance.

(Course, should anybody know of a newsletter, or fan site I can join to keep me updated on such things, I'd be most grateful!!)

Oh - And I just want to add something about him being so fantasticly normal - When he left out of the stage door, (in jeans and a big jumper), he just slung his bag over his shoulder, donning a baseball cap, and walked out onto the street.
And just....walked......
Like a normal person.
Whereas, someone like Alex K would have jumped in a big car with blacked out windows.
But no, not Petey....He just walked down the street in the crowd. ^_^
I love him so much for that!

Well, that's all for this Petey update, ^_^
Keep on Rocking,

Edit: Pics from the brochure, (they made me put my camera away - I did try while he was onstage), for anyone overseas, who won't get to go, because no one should miss Petey surrounded by half nekkid showgirls!!!

Many apologies for the poor quality

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Twenty Questions for Peter Davison!

As reported on the Outpost Gallifrey News Page: Whatsonstage.com has posted a 20 question interview with Peter Davison, who is seen below in his role as King Arthur in Spamalot.  Davison talks about Spamalot, Doctor Who, and the dedication of his adoring fans: "Someone must be stalking me!"  (Perhaps all the unintentional squeeing from the hedgerows tipped him off??)

DW/5 - CastroLot

Evening all

I'm Back!

I went away, Edinburgh, for the fringe. It was Fab :), More about that In my own journal, at some point.

Sooooo, now that my Holiday is out the way I can focus on other things, mostly Spamalot!

Who here is deffinitely interested in going?
I'm Aiming for around late october, If you are interested Please tell me in the comments.

One of the booking sites I looked at has a group booking price break at 8 people, so the more the merrier.


allan worn out

Peter Davison icon dump

I already posted this on davison_era and dwicons so you've probably all come across this somewhere, but I figured since it included non-Who Davison, I'd mention it here as well...

I just posted a bunch of Peter Davison icons over at my lj, mostly textless (which you're welcome to use as bases).

[01-08] Spamalot
[09-43] Tomorrow People
[44-134] Doctor Who


(Fake cut #1)

Earlier in the week I also posted 19 black & white Five textless icons/bases.

(Fake cut #2)
DW/5 - CastroLot

Regarding Spamalot

I just had a look at the website.

Tickets are between £15-£60 depending on Night-seat. My experience is that Back stalls are cheaper but Front circle could be just as reasonable and affords a better view.

The second Ticket link has Group booking starting from 8+ people, so it really is a case of more the merrier.

My CC might be able to take the hit if I get all the money straight away, but if anyone with a stronger Credit card is willing to carry the cost then please speak up and I'll be sure to poke people until all the money is paid back. (In a loving way of course.)

He starts from 23 july, which I realise is quite short notice but I can't do the last week in august and I know at least one person who can't do around the 11th of august. Obviously if we knew how long he's planning on staying in the part this would be easier to plan.

Does anyone have a realiable contact info for his people?

Personally I love the whole, Lets go see a show, NOW! Spontinaity but I realise some of you have those life things that you will need to plan around.

Ok I'm gonna go Cross pimp this at davison_era, sharing the joy is FUN!! :D

DW/5 - CastroLot

Can I get a Squee

*The Den* "EEEEEEEEE-wait, why?"

Oh sorry, Just got a lil Yahoo alert pop up

Apartently our Mr Davison is going to be appear in a little show called spamish, I think, playing some dude called Artie I have a linkish thing here Link thing.

So we going?


ETA I just realised I have a better icon than the Squee one, and I actually made it, from someone else's macro, *Facepalm*