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I should be in bed

A random, hopefully fun, and oddly inspired by lieutenants's post below me, request.

A fanvid, compilation of Peter smiling, younger or mature, or a nice mix of both, what ever takes your fancy.

I'd make it myself, but I have no idea how.

If you need inspiration I found a list. There is a LOT of songs simply called 'Smile', or possibly lots of covers, and even more with Smile in the title. Or you can use a song you like. :D

Make a vid if you want to, ignore me if you don't, It's all for fun.


Ironic Icon is ironic.
I realised I don't actually have an Icon with Pete smiling, so I went for the frowny face one. It's subversive humour.
*Knowing nod*

Love and Fluff,


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Hi, *little wave*
I'm faythbrady and new to Davison love. 
I'm a huge fan of Dotor Who and have been watching the older episodes recently and am stuck on 5; the random temper tantrums, the celery, the cricket! The gratuitous crotch shots and that hair.
And uh...of course, his acting. Ahem.
Anyway thought i'd say hi!

I've started to trawl through Teaspoon and fanfic.net for any 5th Doctor stories but there doesn't seem to be that many.
I've read practially everything by warinbabylon but can anyone recc a decent fic for me? Especially 5 and Tegan, a match made in heaven if ever I saw one.


Listen up

This has been posted to a couple of Who groups, but not to where It will be truely appriciated.

Saturday live featuring our lovely one.

Just hit the 'Listen to the latest show', top right, it's about 27-8 minutes in.

It's only available for this week.
Is there anyone among us with clever skills to record it off so we can keep it for ever?

Hugs to all

Button moon

The over tagged post about Tags

Ok, as you can see most of it is Straight forward, Screencaps, picspam, popular shows, a couple of the more popular DWs, the usual.

Downloads, as you can see are split into Audio and Video, the audio are mostly Rigor mortis, but there are a couple of other treats, See icon ;).
I will say here that some of the available downloads are in the comments so you may have to scroll.

A couple that I thought might be useful, 'Broken Images', dark_pheonix I noted you have one broken post, is what it says on the tin.
Dead link is a bit more Catch all, It's mostly on non-working DLs, coolcreek I see your already started re-uploading and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say Thanyou. It also cover in post links That no longer go anywhere, leoniedelt I know you have you reasons, but your icons are now lost to us, or where I couldn't find a link, or had to dig for what was being pimped.

Question: Article, article/s or Articles for press clippings?

Pete general or PD general?

Photonumia or Picspam? (Sorry Jenn, I've never even seen that word before.)

Petey Porn is for all those nice chest shots.

Do you think we should have hat!porn and PJs!porn and Dressing-gown!Porn?

Mad conductor, ok It was getting late when I added this one. Questions?
Tristogasm, See above. Sadly the clip of that is one of the dead links, I had a look on Youtube and Couldn't find it, does anyone have a copy somewhere?
Crack, ;) Click it and see
mod post and Modslash are different :p

Um I think thats it really, most of them are self explanitory.

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Last thing, I have to admit that I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't have reason to make a NSFW tag. Now I know that this comm wasn't set up as an OMG TEH SMUTZORZ!!!11! comm, and to be fair thats one of the things I like about it, but we are all, I think, legal age adults here and I don't see why, with appropriate Cuts and Tags, we can't share anything a lil more Edgey/Risqué we may find or create. Jenn! Yes/no?

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What do you all think about Fic?

Ok, this was longer than Expected and I hope I didn't seem patronising in parts.

Love and Hugs to all,


P.S. I give up, Whats the code for the cute little heart you can do, I had it here somewhere *Glares and mess*
DW/5 - Always


We have tags and are tagged.

I was gonna do a longer post explaining some of my more odd tags, but I le tired so to bed, but before I go a couple of things I hope you can help me with...

1. Moral dilema: As a rule I don't DL stuff unless there is no other way of getting it.

Most of ACGAS is on DVD, but vanilla, a lil over priced IMHO and season 1 in 2 halves just annoys me.
Do I bite the bullet and Buy it, or take advantage of all the lovely DLs here?
I'm still holding out hope that'll they'll do a Propper shiny Featureful release, Which I would Deffo buy.

2. Blame this on too much pic spam: Photo manips please, rhube I'm looking at you! ;P

Young Peter, preff Tris, but any young and pretty, maniped with Older Peter, Say Dangerous, in a Father and son kinda way.

Yes It's crack but I've spent the last few hours flicking from young to older to somewhere in the middle Pete, and back again, I think I've earned a lil crack.

Thats it.

Thankyou and goodnight