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Campion - Albert with sparkle

Been a while...

Just a quick post from your fearless leader just to say I'm still alive and I hope that other den members are also well. :)

I've recently had a re-watch of AVPP, The first time I have had a legal copy of Series 2, and nope I still haven't watched 'Polish', and am now half way thought my re-watch of Campion.

If any one want to join me in a discussion on those two gems from the 80's then I'm happy for the company. Or indeed anything else P.D. related, I have recently bought all 4 series of AHWTB so I will probably be attacking that beast soon.

Love and hugs to you all

field of flowers

intro from a newcomer

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I've already done a bit of going back through the archives and going doing my share of squeeing and fainting, as well as copped a couple of cutesy userpics from some of you here. it's great to see a comm like this and I look forward to reading more from you all :)

edit 08/04: I'm really bowled over by everyone's welcome. I've read all your notes but haven't gotten around to saying hello to everyone b/c my internet connection has been wonky since yesterday morning and the service tech *just* left after replacing some wiring and finally fixed it!

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Hi, *little wave*
I'm faythbrady and new to Davison love. 
I'm a huge fan of Dotor Who and have been watching the older episodes recently and am stuck on 5; the random temper tantrums, the celery, the cricket! The gratuitous crotch shots and that hair.
And uh...of course, his acting. Ahem.
Anyway thought i'd say hi!

I've started to trawl through Teaspoon and fanfic.net for any 5th Doctor stories but there doesn't seem to be that many.
I've read practially everything by warinbabylon but can anyone recc a decent fic for me? Especially 5 and Tegan, a match made in heaven if ever I saw one.

Button moon

The over tagged post about Tags

Ok, as you can see most of it is Straight forward, Screencaps, picspam, popular shows, a couple of the more popular DWs, the usual.

Downloads, as you can see are split into Audio and Video, the audio are mostly Rigor mortis, but there are a couple of other treats, See icon ;).
I will say here that some of the available downloads are in the comments so you may have to scroll.

A couple that I thought might be useful, 'Broken Images', dark_pheonix I noted you have one broken post, is what it says on the tin.
Dead link is a bit more Catch all, It's mostly on non-working DLs, coolcreek I see your already started re-uploading and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say Thanyou. It also cover in post links That no longer go anywhere, leoniedelt I know you have you reasons, but your icons are now lost to us, or where I couldn't find a link, or had to dig for what was being pimped.

Question: Article, article/s or Articles for press clippings?

Pete general or PD general?

Photonumia or Picspam? (Sorry Jenn, I've never even seen that word before.)

Petey Porn is for all those nice chest shots.

Do you think we should have hat!porn and PJs!porn and Dressing-gown!Porn?

Mad conductor, ok It was getting late when I added this one. Questions?
Tristogasm, See above. Sadly the clip of that is one of the dead links, I had a look on Youtube and Couldn't find it, does anyone have a copy somewhere?
Crack, ;) Click it and see
mod post and Modslash are different :p

Um I think thats it really, most of them are self explanitory.

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Last thing, I have to admit that I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't have reason to make a NSFW tag. Now I know that this comm wasn't set up as an OMG TEH SMUTZORZ!!!11! comm, and to be fair thats one of the things I like about it, but we are all, I think, legal age adults here and I don't see why, with appropriate Cuts and Tags, we can't share anything a lil more Edgey/Risqué we may find or create. Jenn! Yes/no?

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What do you all think about Fic?

Ok, this was longer than Expected and I hope I didn't seem patronising in parts.

Love and Hugs to all,


P.S. I give up, Whats the code for the cute little heart you can do, I had it here somewhere *Glares and mess*


Didn't know we had expanded so much! Quite excellent! So glad to see that people are jumping on the Davison wagon. We were languishing here four years ago when it started. Very few people on board then. Guess I'll start coming in and doing some tag cleaning. Of course, that means I'll have to learn tagging. And yes, I'll check it.

Kinda languished alone with the Pete love there for awhile and walked off muttering to myself. No one is full of Petey love in RL...

Anyway, hi. I'm the mod. Name's warinbabylon, or Jenn...whatever's easier. I've been a fan of Pete for about 23 years. I mostly write fanfiction when I can fit it in. Have screen caps from the first season of All Creatures up on my website...wherever I put it.
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Jumping on the Petey bandwagon...

Well, I'll follow suit....

I'm also rather new to the oozing manly sexiness that is the Davison.

My ex-roomie decided to show me some Doctor Who out of boredom. 

When he showed me The Five Doctors.....well, immediately, I was hooked. 

Glad to find other fangirls who feel the same.....

Now I can go gushing about Petey and not be looked at like I'm nuts.

fifth doctor

Hello from a new member

Hiya! A newbie here (to LJ & PD). This is a great community with some absolutely wonderful goodies - thank you so very much for sharing them!

There's a bit of introductory waffle about me under the cut.
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Has anyone heard whether the All Creatures Great & Small Christmas Specials are likely to be released on DVD in the UK any time soon? 

Icons from a newbie

Just thought I'd introduce myself with a few icons. Been lurking a while. 

pheonix_iz_meintroduced me to this place, her being hooked on Petey and all so I thought I'd come share some shiny. The fifth Doctor is beige love XD
Gradients/Textures/Brushes/Screencaps credits are here in This post. Comments are love, credit's a must.


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DW/5 - 5/5 - Hot

The Obligatry, Hello I'm new post


I don't normally do these, but I'm feeling compelled to in this case.

I'm placing this behide a cut, cos I tend to ramble Collapse )

Told you I rambled.

This maybe the most you ever here from me, tho I may randomly comment, mostly to steal icons or ask dumb questions.

So yeah, nice meeting you all and I hope we can be freinds.