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Evening ladies

It's final.

The poll results are in and the Official twin to this comm is lil_miss_moffet.

Yes Rhube, you did have a good idea, but as there was a clear majority, and the comm actually has some members I figured it would be best to leave it as. Thank you for you input. :D

As as said below, Georgia is still a valid topic of discussion here, but now we have a new home for her. Discussion's, show pimping/squeeing, picspams, arts and graphics. All the things you are all so good at here.

I hope to see some of you there. :)

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Due to popular choice the new Comm for Georgia is called lil_miss_moffet. (The Second t wont fit, damn!)

Poll #1186748 The t wont fit

Should I...

Make one called LilMiss_Moffett*
Leave it as is**

* And delete the first one
** And write something in the profile as to why it's spelt wrong.

My personal bias is to NOT go with the second choice as I was never that keen on it.

Right now it's just a profile page, but I'm hoping it will grow. :)

For the record Georgia is still a valid topic for this comm, so no bashing please, but if people do post about her here, I will gently re-direct them.

Thank you for your time.

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Comm pimping

What? I'm a mod, it's allowed. :P

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In related news, Jenn and I have decided that we would like to create a twin for this comm specifically for Georgia, but are having trouble with naming it, The_doctors_daughter wont fit, DoctorsDaughter is taken, although Doctors_daughter isn't. Jenns suggestion of Georgiaonmymind is also taken soooo, Poll time:

Poll #1185872 What to call the new comm.

which name do you like?

Something else

Something else...

All input greatly recieved.

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Attention all Englanders...

and Any Internationals who wish to travel.

There is a Doctor Who Weekender coming up in July, Peter will be in attendance Natch, as will Tony Head, Terry Malloy, Georgia Moffett and a few other Who-ish types. I'd like to go, but My Boyf's not interested. I'm Not so keen to go on my own as it's a Town I'm Not familiar with that's more that a couple of hours from home.

So My idea, Group Trip!!

The idea is this, we each take responsibility for buying our own Con Tickets, and when we have a number we look to getting a place to stay together.

The Con details are here.

If anyone is interested please comment below.


Question and discussion topic

Hi guys,

Question: Would you guys like further discussion of Georgia's career on list? Not necessary anything Who related, but in general? If you don't want to post publically, please feel free to email me or Phe off comm. Trust me, it'll be statistically based if we do it...it's what I do!

Would you like Petey (any of his characters) based drabble or icon challenges?

Hope everyone is doing well. As there was a fair amount of discussion on the last topic, I thought I would post this one up for free-for-all discussion:

Petey has been in QUITE a lot of telly shows, but not very many movies over the years. If you could see Pete as a lead character in a movie (past or present), who would it be? Why?

Hope everything is going well. If I see any news come down the pike, I'll pass it along.
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Georgia Moffet

Happy New years guys, I hope everything was groovy and fun. :)

After a Quick chat Jenn and I have decided that chat About little Miss Moffet, that's the only time I'll use that I promise, is On topic.

So I thought I'd kick start with a debate/discussion (dependant on you feelings I suppose).

One of the biggest Criticism about New-Who has Been the *ZOMG!OTP* companion love that's been happening.
Now most of us are probably aware of the rumour, I'm only calling it a rumour because I've never seen it confirmed anywhere, that Georgia had auditioned for Rose.

For a few reasons, I'm actually kinda glad The Georgia didn't get the Rose part, not least of all because of the way The Character has/is being treated. Companions Leave, new ones come along, move on and get over it People </ Rant>.

Now I'm sure It's not spoilery to Say the Georgia has been confirmed for a part in Series 4, a Part that, according to Phil Collinson, is Big.

Now there are further Rumours, that she may be in line for the Companion role, against Felicity Jones, who is in The Christie Ep, presumably playing that part that Phil thought Georgia was better than (I've always liked that Mr Collinson :D).

So here's the thing:

A} Does the whole thing of the Companions falling for the doctor, get on your Tits?
B} Working on the assumption that Georgia does get the key to the TARDIS, Do you think, given the RL ickiness, that Her Charecter should Most definitely NOT fall for the Doctor?

I am of course ignoring that Moment in The 5 Doctors;
Why Grandfather, what lovely soft hair you have!

Have at it.

HUG to all.


P.S. Does anyone have or know of any Icons/art of Peter and Georgia together?

Promo, FS&A, anything.