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Award for Davison

From Outpost Gallifrey:

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison has been awarded a Golden Nymph Award at the 47th Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Davison won an award for outstanding comedy actor for his appearance in the series Fear, Stress, and Anger produced for BBC Two by Hartswood Films, the company run by Steven Moffat's mother-in-law and former Terry Nation agent Beryl Vertue.

Other award winners include Life on Mars, starring "Mr. Saxon" John Simm and commissioned by Julie Gardner.

The ceremony was attended by Freema Agyeman representing Doctor Who.

Thanks to Cameron Yarde Jnr.
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The over tagged post about Tags

Ok, as you can see most of it is Straight forward, Screencaps, picspam, popular shows, a couple of the more popular DWs, the usual.

Downloads, as you can see are split into Audio and Video, the audio are mostly Rigor mortis, but there are a couple of other treats, See icon ;).
I will say here that some of the available downloads are in the comments so you may have to scroll.

A couple that I thought might be useful, 'Broken Images', dark_pheonix I noted you have one broken post, is what it says on the tin.
Dead link is a bit more Catch all, It's mostly on non-working DLs, coolcreek I see your already started re-uploading and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say Thanyou. It also cover in post links That no longer go anywhere, leoniedelt I know you have you reasons, but your icons are now lost to us, or where I couldn't find a link, or had to dig for what was being pimped.

Question: Article, article/s or Articles for press clippings?

Pete general or PD general?

Photonumia or Picspam? (Sorry Jenn, I've never even seen that word before.)

Petey Porn is for all those nice chest shots.

Do you think we should have hat!porn and PJs!porn and Dressing-gown!Porn?

Mad conductor, ok It was getting late when I added this one. Questions?
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Crack, ;) Click it and see
mod post and Modslash are different :p

Um I think thats it really, most of them are self explanitory.

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Last thing, I have to admit that I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't have reason to make a NSFW tag. Now I know that this comm wasn't set up as an OMG TEH SMUTZORZ!!!11! comm, and to be fair thats one of the things I like about it, but we are all, I think, legal age adults here and I don't see why, with appropriate Cuts and Tags, we can't share anything a lil more Edgey/Risqué we may find or create. Jenn! Yes/no?

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What do you all think about Fic?

Ok, this was longer than Expected and I hope I didn't seem patronising in parts.

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Just for a change I thought I’d make some Who Ten/Rose OTP 4eva icons…

I’m not fooling anyone am I? Nope – it’s more Petey icons. Some Fear, Stress and Anger and some ACGAS. Gazillions of the things!

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Aww look at the two lolz together, he hasn't really changed that much!

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Gosh will the icon-whoreage ever end? I’d guess only if there was a very long powercut, my computer exploded, or perhaps the world ran out of tea…

And the reviews start rolling in.....

The Media Guardian (which is the fascinating media section of (duh) The Guardian) has a reviewer who is, shall we say, not enamored with "Fear, Stress & Anger."

And I quote: "A middle-aged, suburban bloke, played by Peter Davison, loses his advertising job (hasn't he done this role before?) and has to get used to life at home. There's a moody wife (played by the brilliant Pippa Haywood, who's wasted in this piffle), a couple of troublesome daughters (one of whom is played by Georgia Moffett, Davison's daughter in real life), a comedy granny and a comedy dog. The granny is old and confused, the dog gets painted green, Davison gets an erection (not as a result of the green dog), the car costs a fortune to fix, there's a plumbing problem upstairs, the dinner party is a nightmare, it can't get any worse. But it can! Because the plumbers don't know what they're doing, and bang, right on cue, the loo crashes through the ceiling. Boom boom. Don't you love a plumbing joke? This might have been funny . . . in 1973."

You probably have to register to read the entire piece, but it is worth it if you follow the media, or the business of media. Their daily newsletter also includes a rundown of all the media pieces in the major London papers and the UK business publications.
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Stress and Anger ?????

.... you know he plays the 'badly done to' role so wonderfully I quite enjoyed it. 
Being a dog owner I was a little alarmed by some of the humour. But one or two bits had me out-right laughing ...like the dinner scene... which was a 'build-up' I admit... but funny. 

I think it's down as a 'must' next week?