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Just a small thing, really

I made a Campion/Amanda banner. You may use it as a Friends Only thing, or a header, and that's why it's textless. You're welcome to alter it with text or frillies or whatever, as long as you credit me for the base. (I don't care so much if you credit me if you use it as a FO banner, but I'd appreciate credit if you use it as a header.)

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EDIT: Why not have some icons too.


Fanart *Silly grin*

Ok....Since my previous post paved the way, I figured I'd post some of my fanart.

I'd like to point out, that with the exception of the very first one, these piccies are at least 2 years old.
So there are a lot of anatomical anomalies....(Read: They're kinda shite)

Oh....And seemingly every piccie I draw of Fivey is OOC, so with reference to this latest one - If anyone knows of any story arcs where Five and Peri steal a Royal Charger horse to escape a barrage of arrows from angry bowmen? I'd really appreciate the info.
I drew it while listening to "The Bride of Peladon", and there are no horses in that!

Also - Sorry - It's a photo of a drawing - My scanner broke. :(

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Everything beyond this is old, and therefore of lower quality.
1 - The portrait is from some screenshot I found....somewhere.
2 and 3 - The chariot pics are from a Big Finish audio I listened to....Possibly "The Eye of The Scorpion"?
I don't know, but basically the Doctor was riding into battle to advise.
So one sketch is that, and the other is how the egyptians would have exaggerated, and is an example of Egyptian wall art.
4 - The one after that is my friends character, Robert Green meeting the Doctor on some Alien planet.
(Robert has a TARDIS, that is a blue telephone box. I've tried to explain to my friend about infringement, but he's not listened. Lol. Good thing his grammar is so bad, he'd never get a publishing deal!!
5 - Oh...there's a random anime type thing in there, too!
6 and 7 - And the last two are versions of my "Peter-Davison-Sex-On-A-Motorbike" picture.
It's NSFW, (Not Safe For Work), or NC-17, as the title suggests.
And also very Kack, and old, and....OOC...
Fivey on a motorbike?!

Anyways, that's it - You have been warned!!

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Also, should anyone wish to see any non-Fivey related art, I have a dA gallery, here

If you got this far, I officially love you!
*hugs to all!!!*

Right - back to my mums for more House sitting.
And heating. >.<
Catch ya's later!!
DW - TC - Wibbly~Wobbly...


Not mine, everyone else's.

I wouldn't normally do this, but as there are so many pretties out there I figured why not.

Here is a round up of all The Time crash icon posts I've seen.



If you know of any I've missed, or indeed if More turn up after this post, then please do point me to them.

Normal rules apply, want, take, have, Credit and Please do thank the makers in their own threads. :)

Campion - Gun (instructions)

Evening ladies

In what may seem an abuse of my Modly powers, Not really, its for a freind, may I provide a little nudge...

Last week I told you of a little graphics comm, smile_a_smile.

Peter is the challenge this week, but apparently, he's not been getting much love.

I you feel compeled or inspired to remedy this then any or all are more than welcome to join the group.

I thankyou.


Me again

Just thought I'd tell all you creative types about about a rather jolly, and fairly successful, Graphics comm called smile_a_smile run by wiccagal_1996.

It is a Multi actor (Originally, Chris Ecc, Billie P, Dave T. and John B) challenge comm that has resently expanded to include other Who-y actors, Peter included.

There is, I think, about 15 actors (why yes the mod is insane) in rotaion and Peters turn is coming up, Either tonight or soon (depending on the Mods mood).

The challenges aren't just for Icons, they also include Banners, wallpapers and Colour bars.

Its actually fairly light work as challenge comms go, if you only want to do Peter (don't we all!) then you'll only have to join in once ever three-ish months. Equally you may find the other challenges interesting to you and want to try them too. Fantastic.

so yeah, up to you, just raising awareness.



ETA: Peter is the challenge this week.