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Naked Christmas Doc

Christmas icon time!

Hullo there! Not having Teh Intarwebs at home has made me more productive in some parts of my life, but not in icons and computer graphics. Plus, when I make something, it then becomes more irritating to get the product of my efforts to somewhere I can upload it. But still, it doesn't stop me entirely, and I decided that it's finally getting towards the time of year when I can start using my new Christmas icon, so...

8 x Doctor Who (Fifth Doctor era)
3 x Firefly
1 x QI


( Fake Cut to my icon journal )

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Naked Christmas Doc

I'm bad, and I know it

So, my Castrovalva DVD arrived on Saturday; which, of course, meant screencapping time (almost decent resolution FTW!). Then today I spent a looooong time tidying and cleaning and so forth, and badly needed a treat afterwards... a kind of naughty treat. I couldn't help it, I'm sorry.

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Special Hell, here I come.


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[Edit:] Icon totally gankable, comments are love, credit to rhubicon or rhube :)