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The Davison Den

Because beige is beautiful!!

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Peter Davison, Actor
A community for people to come forward, get together and enjoy pictures Peter Davison.
Hopefully there will be a post in the next week or so to kick this off.
Hi Jenn! This comm is now several years old and has Lots of Post, I'd say It's well and truly 'Kicked off'. :D

Join, pull up a chair and enjoy yourself.

We will always welcome, ACGAS/Tris!Fic on this comm, however if you were wondering where to host it, wonder no more FF.Net now has a dedicated All creatures section. :D
Thanks to allnitechemist for sharing this with us.

Ok, we don't actually need rules per say as everyone here is kind to everyone else.
However after a poll and a couple of discussions we do have a Fan fiction Policy:

1. Pete Davison other character fic (everything but DW) is definitely wanted. So knock yourselves out!

2. Fifth Doc crossover fic with other 'PD' characters: A majority of people wanted crossover fic. So: go for it!

Now for Fifth Doc fic alone: There was a very slight majority in favour of having it on the comm, but it was very very close. So, in order to strike a happy medium, there'll be a 'round up' of Five fic once a week. In other words, we'll put up a post once a week with a heads up for new Five fic posted that week in a variety of places. By all means, if we miss anything, please comment on that post as to where to find it.

Rules pertaining to fic.

1. Please put the whole of the story behind a cut to decrease the amount of space taken up on friends pages. Properly tag the posts for fic.
2. Ratings, please use ratings correctly. If there is explicit sex, please label as NC-17. Pairings, any are welcome: het, slash, gen. Put in a disclaimer, please.
3. No flaming. It won't be tolerated. Period.
4. Constructive crit is welcome.
5. Please respect your readers: run it through a basic grammar and spelling check before posting. We'll love it just as much tomorrow as today.

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