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Peter Davison in new TV series

Just saw where our man will have a recurring role in the new series "Law and Order-UK." Yea! As I always say, "the more Peter Davison we see, the happier the world will be!"  The downside is that we probably won't see it in the States and have to hope it comes out on DVD.
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Fanvid: Hero (A Caves of Androzani Tribute)

Made a Fifth Doctor fanvid, a tribute video to the his final story "Caves of Androzani".

Title: Hero (A Caves of Androzani Tribute)
Fandom/Characters: Doctor Who (Fifth Doctor), Caves of Androzani
Description: Tribute to the story "Caves of Androzani", the Fifth Doctor's final story.
Music: "Hero" - Regina Spektor
Spoilers: "Caves of Androzani" from Season 21 of Doctor Who
Disclaimers: I do not own Doctor Who or anything to do with the characters or show. I do not own anything to do with the song or band.

Watch It Here!