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Been a while...

Just a quick post from your fearless leader just to say I'm still alive and I hope that other den members are also well. :)

I've recently had a re-watch of AVPP, The first time I have had a legal copy of Series 2, and nope I still haven't watched 'Polish', and am now half way thought my re-watch of Campion.

If any one want to join me in a discussion on those two gems from the 80's then I'm happy for the company. Or indeed anything else P.D. related, I have recently bought all 4 series of AHWTB so I will probably be attacking that beast soon.

Love and hugs to you all

Tags: 1980s, greetings, mod post, pd general, t.v. series: a very perculiar practice, t.v. series: campion

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