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Caves of Androzani picspam


If you don't mind large images, I compared a few images from both Single DVD release and the special edition of the Fifth Doctor's serial Caves of Androzani, and posted an accompanying angst free picspam of the serial in the same entry here at my LJ.


I also uploaded about 375 screencaps of the SE as a 7z archive. I you want them for whatever purpose, you can find the download links either at the bottom of the entry, or if you don't want to load the whole thing just for the links, I'll just repost them here:

due to filesize contraints on mediafire (and since I don't dare uploading large files thanks to my shoddy internet connection) I had to split the archive. Download all parts, re-join (with hj-split or the download manager of your choice), unzip and enjoy.

part 1 95 MB
part 2 95 MB
part 3 74 MB

these are completely unedited, in the original DVD resolution, saved as png files.
Tags: fifth doctor, picspam, screencaps, the caves of androzani

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