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Midsomer Murders 12x03 Secrets & Spies

I didn`t see this posted yet and I found the episode on youtube. Peter is obviously having fun playing a washed up fellow.

Rest of the parts under the cut

Peter is in the first four parts.

I rather enjoyed watching Barnaby as a humourless umpire "Playing God in a limited universe". Although, I quite missed the jumper. After all, I know Peter can still make it look good. And hey! it`s Mr Bennet! and Alice Krige! Although, they are all a bit daft. Planning your own funeral. Sleeping with everyone.

I still haven`t a clue about cricket. There`s batting and bowling and stumps and such. But as for the scoring, no idea at all.

The beast growls like a yorkie but slashes like a wolf! I snickered during the initial "briefing scene" where they were all listening to Barnaby with "whatever" faces. Seems like Midsomer is a nest of retired spies and such.

Peter still does a good drunk stagger. He gets slapped a lot in his guest spots doesn`t he. OH NOES THEY KILLED HIM!

How delightfully typical Midsomer. "He`s doing a runner. On a tractor!"

Do they typically have crematoriums beneath the chapel?

How does Alice Krige still look so gorgeous?
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