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Campion 101 - 104

  • 12th May, 2011 at 1:15 PM
Hats! HATS! HATS!!

I`m thoroughly enjoying these. The mysteries are very dense. I like how I cannot guess the ending at all.

"Look to the Lady" made me 0_o. I felt like I`d dropped halfway into the story. I suppose that was part of the plot. We discovered Campion along with the client. Also, it seemed like they were really pushing the quirks and oddities of Campion. I did like it even as I was asking What what WHAT!? Great scary bit with the enraged horse. Love the gypsy reassuring Campion that the horse would not kill him ... for 2 hours. LOL!

"Police at the Funeral" I rather enjoyed Lug and Campion pretending to be hardbitten policemen. Loved all the puzzley traps.

"The Case of the Late Pig" is pure eye candy. So many delightful suits and scenes of disarray and HATS!!! Also, I`m quite fond of how Campion hops in and out of his roadster. Lovely bit of schoolyard bully angst. I was curling up in a cringing ball worrying over my Campion getting drugged and knocked out. Thankfully he was ahead of the game as usual.

"Death of a Ghost". Campion is much more a man of action here. Also, the quirkiness is extremely toned down. Ooh wait, there was delightful bit in the conversation about Lug`s "servility" with Rosa. "I don`t think I could live with genuine carat servility, it`s too corrupting" "Lug go away. Your cover is blown, You`ve been unmasked as a human being" Oh noes! He`s been made drunk! Look out! The TRAIN! Hurrah! Oates was watching over him.

Lug is so much LOVE!

I really want to know more about Campion. Who is he? Why is he hiding under a pseudonyms? How did he and Lug form such an enduring partnership?


tardiscrash wrote:
12th May, 2011 20:42 (UTC)
I adore Lug. And drunk Campion is pretty hilarious and fantastic, I was a bit scared for him though. I mean you know he''l be okay but you can't help but worry for him.

I think the books give a little more background. My wife has been reading them and I've been getting the commentary. She is finding them to be very funny.
justtheficsmaam wrote:
12th May, 2011 21:58 (UTC)
Oh Drunk Campion was AMAZING! I couldn`t properly enjoy him as I was so overwhelmed with dread over what the villain would DO TO HIM in his compromised state. I`m still a-quiver with nervousness.

I shall have to snag a few books from the library. Maybe I`ll be able to follow the plot as right now I`m too busy oohing over Peter being so dishy in all the period costume.
bienegold wrote:
12th May, 2011 20:50 (UTC)
If you like the show, you should read the novels.
justtheficsmaam wrote:
12th May, 2011 22:01 (UTC)
Re: GIP.
*right-click save*

I`ve found a new icon! If only I had room for more.

Oh, I`ll have to get the available ones from the library. As I said to tardiscrash, I`ll be able to follow the plot more if I`m not constantly distracted by a dishy man in period suits.
singeaddams wrote:
12th May, 2011 21:11 (UTC)
DO read the books! Especially the earlier ones. I've noticed some of the later novels turn Campion into a supporting character which drives me nuts.
justtheficsmaam wrote:
12th May, 2011 22:02 (UTC)
I have put them on my to read list. Just now trying to make my way through the Fifth Doctor novels.

Campion, a supporting character!? Well I never!
pontisbright wrote:
12th May, 2011 22:27 (UTC)
The books are wonderful, oh yes. They really do change a lot over time, though: I personally love the later ones too but they are much less Campion-y.

I always think 'Sweet Danger' is a good one to start with. (The TV version of that one's lovely too.)
justtheficsmaam wrote:
14th May, 2011 03:57 (UTC)
Watching that one next. Have the books on my list for sure!


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