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Tristan Scene in ACGaS

Hello All.

New member here.

I've had an absolutely marvelous time paging back through all your entries of Peter Love. Lovely caps everywhere! You inspired me to put holds on all the Campion and Last Detective DVDs at my library. And they're on their way! Squee!

I have a question for you All Creatures fans. I was reading my second Herriot omnibus, All Things Bright and Beautiful, today and read the scene where the Irish labourer enters the surgery and insists on James and Tristan treating his ear. Then Tris pulls a hilarious prank on the labourer involving a rather massive syringe. I've been chuckling all day. Is that scene in All Creatures? If so, can you point me to the episode in question? I'm assuming that it'd be in the first three seasons as this is early on in the books.

Thank you in advance

PS. That superhero outtake of Peter and Chris and Rob will never stop being funny.
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