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Campion 201 Sweet Danger

  • 13th May, 2011 at 8:56 PM
I say, what a jolly fun romp. Hunting for hidden history is always a ripping good time.

Not as much delightful hats and suits but it def is fun fun fun.

Hey, that girl is from Without a Clue! (Family cult favourite) She`s very enthusiastic! I love how she makes Campion do hard work. Oh yes, take off your coat, you`ll be sweating soon enough.

That scene with the currant scones will never stop being funny! I love how he hides one in the drawer and his look of consternation (whilst licking his fingers...) at having to eat another. Then his disgusted flick of the second half-eaten one. SO ADORABLE!

My word, Campion is very upset that Lug could have been hurt. Lug is all confused as it was just a roustabout!

I must admit, I was most confused during the meeting in the company in London. I quite forgot that this was the 1930s and thought Campion was trying to dodge the cameras. Silly me. But I just knew that the toothache had to be part of his so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel plan. I was a bit worried as he didn`t show up for quite some time but when Guffy chased the "burglar" I recognized the legs and when Campion revealed himself I jumped up and waved my arms about.

Like So:

What is up with that belt? I`m not complaining mind you, just it seems to be rather decorative rather than practical. But I suppose Campion is all about the pretteh.

Ooh, Campion, you are a man of action most certainly. Shooting the wine decanter, sneaking about the woods avoiding the thugs. LOL, the triumphant music when he`s running through the woods. Yay LUG is THERE!!

That doctor is quite the nutter.

Sweet! Tommy guns! Go Campion! Run, run, run until your hair is in disarray. Look at him take down the driver! AWESOME! Disguised Campion. LOL! It`s the reverse Superman! The fellow didn`t recognise him until he put his glasses on! My my, Savanake certainly likes to do things hands on. (side note: I hope Peter didn`t catch his death in that cold night water. Oh well, it was for a good cause, more wet Peter) I can`t believe they shot the girl! Ooh, Wet Heroic Campion carrying the girl. Ew, Savanake got a particularly nasty end. I have a high squick factor about people getting mashed up in machinery.

Oh, that smile.

BLERG! He was going to tell her some BACKSTORY! And she fell asleep! How could she!

That title tune has been stuck in my head all day.


singeaddams wrote:
14th May, 2011 13:46 (UTC)
You do realize he MARRIES that girl eventually? I love your enthusiasm for Campion, keep the posts coming!
singeaddams wrote:
14th May, 2011 13:54 (UTC)
Oh, and that's not a spoiler. Sadly we don't see her again in the TV series but she's quite a fun presence in the books.


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